Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity
The Foundation for Biodiversity is an extremely important innovation of the Slow Food movement.  Its purpose is to identify, record and act in support of foods and food production processes that are unique, good (quality and sustainability) and at risk of extinction. Some of these foods still exist only because Slow Food supports their continued production. Wessex Saddleback pigs, Bullboar sausages and five varieties of perry pears are Australian Ark of Taste products found within the borders of Slow Food Central Highlands. There are currently 17 Ark products listed across Australia, and 1,500 worldwide.

The current goal is to increase the Ark of Taste catalogue to 10 000 products by 2016. Australia is committed to searching out hundreds of additional products, including wild and indigenous foods, and products which have immediate and potential risk of extinction.  A national committee has been established to support and assist the search. Slow Food Central Highlands Convivium Leader, Gary Thomas is the Victorian member for this group and he welcomes all suggestions. Please contact him here.

Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity Booklets

Australian Ark of Taste flyers




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